Why Choose Waterproofing?

Chimneys hold water. They are made of porous materials that make it very easy for water to get in and settle. The erosion this causes could be minimal, just increasing over time. However, if this water is allowed to freeze (which it will as winter sets in) the pressure created as the ice expands. This creaks cracks and other structural problems. Things get worse as a cycle of thawing and freezing sets in. Each time a freeze occurs these small damages will get larger and grow in number.

Not that long ago, there wasn’t much you could do to stop this from happening. Some have tried to seal their chimneys from the outside with inferior waterproofing sealants and paint. This is not a good idea.

If you seal your chimney from the outside, you will impair it’s function. A chimney must be permeable- there is a reason they are made of porous materials. Now we have the technology to seal against water while maintaining a chimney’s ability to “breathe”.

It is important, however, that you let a professional chimney sweep install this product. The process takes several carefully times phases and a painstaking attention to detail and knowledge of chimney structure. Our technicians have expert training with this product to ensure that each job is of top quality- each application is effective.

If you have a chimney that is 5 yrs old or so, waterproofing will provide you the most benefit.


There’s more to waterproofing than just sealant.

It is important to have your chimney thoroughly inspected each year. Aside from sealing the porous structural material against water infiltration, other areas must be monitored, such as flashing.

Start by checking you chimney cap. Not having one will let water in- and having one that is damaged can be just as bad.

Your flashing is next in importance. This is the part that connects your home and the chimney. If your flashing is in poor shape the could be serious damage in this area.

Your chimney damper is crucial to keeping water (and animals) out of your home. Make sure it’s in good, working order.

Spalling, aka crumbling or flaky masonry, on the crown of your chimney or elsewhere can indicate damage that has already occurred. This is a sign that you may want to schedule a professional to check for less obvious damage.


This whole inspection can be done for you, by a professional. All you need to do is call (205) 379-6382 to set up your appointment.


We can make any repairs that your chimney, cap, liner, damper, or any other part needs. We can clean up any mess and further seal your chimney against water damage.


Choosing to start this process now will extend the life of your chimney much farther. Though this process is optional- it is a very smart investment in your home- and we know the most effective and advanced methods to waterproof any size or type of chimney.


Call us- we’re here to help. (205) 379-6382