Chimney Relining

Why Install a New Liner?

Your liner is vital to maintaining long-lasting and like-new functionality. Whether you don’t have one due to the time in which you home was built- or remodeling or damage has necessitated that your liner be replaced- you’ve got several options and we can help. Our company,ARC Chimney Sweeps of Birmingham, AL, is a great choice when it comes to choosing a new liner. All of our products come with full warranties.

Your liner’s main function is to protect the exterior structure, and that of your home, from the heat and harmful substances that will pass through your chimney from the fire in your fireplace. Without a liner your chimney won’t last all that long.

Not only that, but without a liner you open yourself up to the possibility of harboring dangerous structural faults within your chimney,. These faults could in time cause dangerous gases to go into the home- not out of the chimney.

Your New Liner Options

In most cases, you’ll want to choose a cast-in-place masonry liner or a metal liner. Many chimneys, however, still use clay tile liners.


In most situations a Prefabricated Metal Liner is a great choice. The liners we install come with lifetime warranties, all you need to do is make sure they are swept by a certified chimney sweep each year. This is a fantastic liner when it comes to both value and strength.

Cast Masonry is a good recommendations for older homes, or for any chimney that needs a little reinforcement. This type of liner is bound to the wall s of your chimney- it seals any cracks and gaps that might have otherwise caused you more trouble down the road.

Clay Tile Liners are cheap, yes, but they have their downfalls. They won’t last as long as the other options as they are far less durable. They are also hard or impossible to repair or replace without complete tear-downs. Damaged clay tile liners are the most frequent reason chimneys need a new liner.
If you need any more information on your liner options, call us at (205) 379-6382. We look forward to helping you find the perfect liner for your chimney.