Reasons To Use Us

Why You Need to Choose Us

We value you, the customer. Your satisfaction and your safety. We have built in values and systems that reflect that.

The most important reasons for you to choose us are:

We thoroughly vet all of our employees. You can trust the ones we let wear our uniforms.

Call us at any time to have your questions answered and any concerns addressed.

We go out of our way to accommodate your busy schedule.

We have general liability and workers comp insurance so you will be covered in case of any accident.

Our technicians are being trained all the time- no matter how long they’ve been with us. They will be kept up to date on all of the latest systems and methods.

When it comes to your safety, except no less than the best in chimney sweeping and inspections (as well as upgrades). All of our services come with a satisfaction guarantee. We are confident that no matter what chimney-related services you require- we can help you get just what you need.

Call us. Let us prove why we’re the best at what we do- and how we can use our experience to benefit you. (205) 379-6382