Chimney Sweeping

Why Chimney Sweeping is Critical to Your Health and Safety

Our technicians always give you the best service you’ll find anywhere in Georgia. Our processes are all very detail-oriented. We make it our goal to make your chimney and home as safe and clean as possible.

Preventing chimney fire should be your primary concern when deciding to hire us- in addition you should consider how much a little spent in maintenance now will save you more in repair costs later.

Your chimney needs to be swept each and every year as every time you use a vented appliance (stove, fireplace, furnace) there’s a chance that “creosote” will build up in there. Creosote is made up of the stuff your chimney is supposed to be letting outside- but sometimes a little bit sticks. That’s not a problem, until it starts to build up. That’s where chimney sweeping comes in.

If the creosote isn’t removed every year. It will eventually catch on fire- leading to a chimney fire. This can have disastrous results.

Our Process

If you choose us, we will not only clean your chimney- but we’ll inspect it for any type of structural damage as well as provide you with a legible written report detailing what we’ve done and maybe suggesting a few upgrades or necessary repairs you might make in the future. Before we get to your home, it would be helpful if you do two things:

First, don’t light a fire for about 24 hrs prior to your scheduled service time. Second, please move all breakables and valuables (and furniture if you can) away from your fireplace by about 6 to 8 ft.


Before we begin, we will take every precaution to make sure your home stays clean.

Then we will begin by inspecting your chimney inside and out. We’ll look for any signs of damage or cracks. We’ll clean your firebox, then check your chimney liner for gaps or the occasional missing mortar joint. Your smoke shelf and chamber will be scrubbed.


Fire hazards and water penetration points will be noted and corrected if possible. Then we’[ll give you a report and answer any questions you might have. Before you know it, we're out of your home- your chimney is clean and your have a nice report detailing the process.

It only takes about an hour and our scheduling is flexible. Call us today to set up your appointment. (205) 379-6382