Animal Removal

Humane Animal Removal

A chimney looks, to an animal, like a nice place to live. The shape and smell of it may remind them of a tree that has been burnt or hollowed out by lightning.

Commonly, you will find birds, squirrels, or raccoons in your chimney. Often they select it as a good hiding place for a nest and their eggs or young.

Moving an animal or nest is a delicate process. Sometimes, depending on the animal, you may even need a permit to move the nest or bird- even if it has passed on.

In all cases it is best to have a professional remove the animal from your chimney. This can prevent injury and damage to you, your family, or your home.

All of our staff at ARC Chimney Sweeps of Birmingham, AL are trained in retrieving animals from chimneys without harming them. Your chimney will be left unharmed by us or our equipment, and we are able to perform an inspection for any damage the animal may have caused, too.

If you suspect that you have an animal related problem, please call us at (205) 379-6382.


Why Move an Animal?

Even if you are not currently using your chimney, there is a good chance that the animal may not be able to climb back out. Whether it is too small, sick, or injured- leaving the poor creature to die is a very bad decision.


The smell of a rotting animal is not easy to get rid of. Not only that, but if it is sick or dead there is a chance that it may leak pestilence into your home, making you or your family sick. In addition, this is a draw for more predatory creatures as well as insects.


If the animal is alive and can go out of the chimney, there are still reasons to remove it. A chimney, though it may mimic an animal’s environment from their point of view, is not a healthy place for them or their young. If your damper happens to be left open, they can enter your home through it- causing possible as they panic and try to escape.


In all these situations and more, a professionals help can minimize any damage or harm to your home or the animal itself. Our technicians are fully trained in humane animal removal as well as being knowledgeable in repairing any damage the animal may have caused. Not only that, but we have several options to stop this from becoming a frequent problem.
If you suspect that an animal may have moved in to or become trapped in your chimney, call us immediately to discuss your options or make an appointment. (205) 379-6382