Top-Notch Chimney Services

Our Chimney Services

If you have any concerns or problems with your fireplace or chimney and happen to be in the Birmingham area, give us a call at (205) 379-6382. You’ll be glad you did.

We at ARC Chimney Sweeps of Birmingham, AL have the best service you’ll find- you could even ask one of our customers. We go above and beyond the “industry standard’ to provide the service you deserve.

Whatever your schedule or situation, we can work together to find a time that is right for you. And you don’t have to worry about your house becoming a mess. Other technicians might not give as much thought to the state of your home when they leave- a herd of rhinos might as well have gone through your living room. We, on the other hand, leave almost no trace- just a well-maintained chimney and fireplace. Not only does our prep process include shoe covers and tarps- but we incorporate industry leading technologies to keep your home nice, clean, and comfortable.

We use advanced equipment to perform our work, too. Inspections include digital scans and video recordings. We will find what many others will, undoubtedly, miss. Any structural flaw or anomaly is instantly captured and recognized. We do everything we can to keep your chimney maintained and you and your family safe inside your own home.

Every technician that works at ARC Chimney Sweeps of Birmingham, AL is given thorough and rigorous training. Each one is held accountable to our high standards or service. Not only does that mean that each technician must know about chimneys and fireplaces, but they have to learn how to respect a home and keep it clean as well as talk to and respond to customers in a professional manner.

We take our job very seriously and are willing to go above and beyond to help you sort out any problems you might be having. Give us a call, even if you just need to know about general maintenance- we’re here to help. Our phone number is: (205) 379-6382.