Our Products and Services

We offer the most advanced chimney sweeping and inspection services in the Birmingham area, but our services don’t end there.

We offer full spectrum repairs from fixing small leaks and cracks to assessing water or animal damages. We can reduce your risk of dangerous chimney fire or remove animals from your chimney.

Our offerings also include waterproofing using an advanced 3 stage process. We offer new liners and caps as well as the capability to perform repairs on existing liners and caps. We can help you repair and rebuild after a chimney fire so your fireplace is safe to use again.

Our goal to to keep you safe- from every risk. That’s why we only carry warrantied products and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services and installations. When you choose us, you choose to eliminate risk. Your investments will be safe.


Call us today to ask questions or make an appointment- we’ll be glad to hear from you. (205) 379-6382